...Gradara, Urbino, Pesaro, Fano, Cagli, Fossombrone ...


...discoveries thrill, memories enrich.

Visiting new places is great, visiting them along with a friend telling you even the most curious secrets makes it more exciting, complete and enduring.


Sabine Jacobs and Riccardo Panareo
Sabine Jacobs and Riccardo Panareo

Here we are, Sabine and Riccardo, Professional licensed local guides for the whole territory of Pesaro - Urbino province. 

For years we have lead tours for groups (either schools or groups having specific cultural interests) and for singles or families, tailoring all visits for any particular request.


Visits can be operated in Italian, English and German.


Ph : 0039-0541-969089

cel. : 339-4622045




See you soon !!


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